​Bollé Safety
The vision of a specialist
A different vision on eye safety

Before gestures, even before words, there is the look.

In life, but even more in the professional world, nothing is more precious. Bollé Safety has concentrated its expertise on protecting people's eyes at work and nothing else. 

With a strong international positioning, the major industrial player detects all potential risks in the work environment to deliver concrete technological solutions and targeted treatments that comply with the most stringent European, American and Australian standards.

Glasses, goggles and face shields for industry...Always more efficient, more protective, more comfortable, Bollé Safety eye protection is distributed and worn all over the world.

The only specialist in its field, the "King of glasses" take a unique look at potential risks encountered in the line of work.
An attractive, accomplished and understanding look.
A careful, acute, just, pertinent look.
A different, challenging, uncompromising look, that is always new...

Bollé Safety distributed all over the world (EMEA, Pacific Asia, and USA).


Present in all sectors (construction, industry, automotive, mining, offshore, oil & gas, power industry, food industry and pharmaceutical), Bollé Safety offers customised protection and tailor made solutions. For each risk, Bollé Safety provide tangible technological and effective protection adapted to suit your profession.

Beyond our expertise, there lies a company passionately committed to protecting people in the field. A team who are ready to push our limits to satisfy our clients, we know how to respond quickly to the needs of our customers to protect people in all situations, in compliance with worldwide standards


Experts in eye protection
Wearer compliance- as important as the product

For users to continuously wear their glasses with pleasure and comfort, we know that look & fit is essential. On this point, our imagination is unlimited! 
With a culture of sport and design, we know how to combine high technology and aesthetics. Defying the constraints, design is an integral part of the development of the product: because the best protection is eyewear which makes you want to wear it. 

More than 500 references, 4 to 5 new products per year… In a changing work environment, expectations evolve, answers and services need to be quick and personalised more than ever, thanks to constant innovation.

Always on the lookout for emerging needs and potential risks, we are going further thanks to continuous experience sharing with our customers.
At Bollé Safety, Research & Development is led by our customer’s needs! Thanks to this virtual circle of exchange and feedback, we can stay at the forefront, thinking outside the box to imagine innovative and customized technological solutions in lenses as well as innovative treatments and coatings.
Against each risk, Bollé Safety provides an effective and innovative response. A permanent challenge, reminiscent of the sporting origins of Bollé Safety, the will to always reach the summits whether it is snowy or not...

A demanding and fresh look